Students' masterpieces

My Best Vacation to Thailand


        I had a wonderful summer vacation last year. Do you know what made it so wonderful? It’s the amazing trip to Thailand! I went to Pattaya in Thailand with my family last summer holiday. It was an unforgettable experience which I would never forget!

        On the first day, when we arrived at the five-star hotel, I was surprised by the beautiful and stunning view! I noticed that there was a beach. I shouted, “Wow, what a wonderful view! Dad, I want to swim right now, can I?” I begged. “OK!” Dad answered. After we changed our own swimwear, we ran to the beach at once. My elder sister and I jumped into the sea happily. Then, we built a sandcastle. I had never touched soft sand before, at that moment, I really wanted to bring some back to Hong Kong! The Pattaya beach was big enough, so it wasn’t too crowded even there were a lot of people. There were also a lot of trees around the beach, so we felt really relaxed.

        On the second day, we took a walk on the beach again, I noticed that there was a hawker helping a little girl to tie a lot of pigtails. It was interesting, so I walked to the hawker with my sister to have a closer look at the little girl’s hairstyle. After having a look, we tried the same style as the little girl finally. Soon, we learnt that it’s the traditional Thailand hairstyle. We kept that Thailand hairstyle until we went back home. How crazy we were!

        At last, we were all hungry, so we went to a Thai restaurant by taking a “tuk tuk” to have our supper. Do you know what a “tuk tuk” is? It is the common road transport in Thailand. It is cheap and convenient. However, there is no door for a “tuk tuk”, but don’t be scared, it is safe because the drivers in Thailand drive slowly and safely.

        I had a relaxing time in Thailand. I was also glad that my family and I had an amazing trip together. The trip has left a lot of beautiful and memorable footprints in my heart. I hope I can go to Thailand again!

By Sara Wong