Students' masterpieces

My Best Vacation to Taiwan


        Last summer holiday, I went to Taiwan with my mum, dad and sister. It was really fun and exciting there!

        On the first day, we went to a big beach to swim. When we arrived, I saw a lot of golden sand and the beautiful sea. I ran to the sea quickly and jumped into the water. “Cool! I can swim like a fish!” I thought. Then, we built a sandcastle on the beach. I built a grand huge sandcastle and my sister made a sea turtle. We even buried Daddy in the sand and made him a mermaid tail! It was really fun! In the evening, we went to a restaurant to eat fresh seafood. How delicious!

        The next day, we went to a big forest. There were a lot of flowers and trees which were very colourful. There were some cute animals like birds, monkeys and squirrels too. Among all the animals there, I liked squirrels the best. Big eyes, bobbly tails and tiny mouths, they were really cute! At night, we had dinner in the hotel. We ate Taiwanese noodles and fish. Then, we watched television in the room happily.

        On the last day, we went shopping all day. First, we went to a shopping mall to buy clothes and food. I bought a really beautiful dress and a pair of shoes with cute cats on top. I bought an ice-cream too. Then, we went to a night market to have dinner. We ate a lot of traditional food of Taiwan and watched the magnificent night view. It’s really beautiful!

        After the travel in Taiwan, I learnt so much about this place. I felt so excited throughout the trip. Taiwan is really an amazing place. This was definitely the most unforgettable trip that I have never had!

By Nikita Law