Students' masterpieces

Meg Grinny

        Meg Grinny is my younger sister. She is only seven this year. She has blonde, curly long hair. She usually ties her hair in plaits but sometimes she wears her hair loose. She has moon-shaped eyebrows and her eyes are as bright as crystals. She has a flat nose and rosy cheeks. She is really really adorable!

        Meg is a kind, friendly and sweet little girl. She is always willing to give a hand to others when they are in need. She’s helpful and smart. She always tries her best to help others. She has saved most of her money to help the needy. She also learns things very fast. Once I told her how to mix different colours using blue, yellow and red, she can do it on her own at once!

        Meg likes to play the piano and the violin. She also likes to do Jazz and Kpop dance. Moreover, she likes reading books and collecting CDs from different pianists and violinists. There was a time I asked her which book she liked the most and she answered me, “Harry Potter!” I was very surprised to know that she could read such a thick book with so many difficult words!

        This is my younger sister and the cutest girl ever—Meg Grinny!

By Nobie Ng