About us

Cathy Chung Academy  has been committed to help students boost their learning satisfaction and confidence. We believe that every student is valuable, unique and has enormous potential. By providing appropriate courses and teaching, we hope to enrich students’ knowledge and lay the foundation of learning. Our aim is to let students gradually achieve their full potential and lead them to become the masters of their own learning.

Cathy Chung Academy 一直致力協助提升學生對學習的滿足感及自信心。我們相信每一個學生都是寶貴、獨特而且充滿潛能。我們希望透過提供合適的教學課程及教導,豐富學生的知識,讓學生逐步打好基礎,發揮自身的潛能,引領他們成為學習的主人翁。